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HSL Automation Ltd. Evolution​

July 2007

HSL Automation Ltd. was founded by Gary Hudson and Steven Hoyland as a distributor of ABB variable frequency drives and power quality products responsible for the HVAC/R markets of BC. Steve has over 30 years experience with variable frequency drives from product design to application, integration sales and service across North America.

May 2011

Steve Hoyland and Grant Huff partner up as Grant takes Gary’s position as 50% owner. Grant has over 20 years experience with variable frequency drives and motors including sales, application, integration and service.

May 2013

HSL expands our area of responsibility to include the HVAC/R markets of Alberta and opens an office in Calgary.

July 2014

HSL moves to new facility in Port Coquitlam.

August 2014

Shannon Sawchenko, electronics technologist joins HSL as a field service technician and inside sales person.

July 2015

Michal Kwit with over 30 years experience in all technical aspects of VFD, power quality and system design joins HSL and we open a custom integration shop.

January 2017

Jason Thain joins HSL Automation as VP of Business Development.  Jason has over 25 years experience with the application and integration of variable frequency drives and was previously managing one of the largest VFD sales and integration operations in Western Canada.

HSL expands our area of responsibility to include all markets in BC.

February 2017

Juan Rippe, electronics technologist joins HSL service department.

April 2017

Fred Gargett with 25 years experience applying, selling and commissioning VFDs joins HSL as inside sales coordinator.

Ramin Tavakoli, experienced electrical engineer joins HSL design and production team.

May 2017

Richard Kraska with over 25 years ABB electrical engineering experience, specialized in the application of low and medium voltage VFDs joins HSL in Calgary as a sales engineer for the HVAC/R markets of Alberta.

August 2017

HSL moves into our brand new building in Port Coquitlam, double the size of our previous location.